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Whether your motorcycle is used for your daily commute or for a weekend thrill, ride fearlessly knowing you are fully protected. Motorcycle insurance doesn’t just cover your standard bike, it can also cover sport bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, cruisers, electric scooters and other motorized vehicles. Levels of protection and coverage can vary depending on whether your bike is your main form of transit or if you keep your ATV stored in your garage until adventure calls. We’ll help you find the right fit for you so that you can keep calm and ride on. 


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Liability coverage is the base level of protection that covers damage or injury that you caused due to an accident with your motorcycle. Liability insurance is required in the state of Oregon. If you are at fault, liability helps pay for costs of injuries and damage of someone else’s property. 

What is included in liability insurance?

This helps to cover costs for medical expenses of the others involved.

This helps cover costs to repairs to someone else’s property or vehicle.

Depending on your policy, you may have to get separate and supplemental coverage for liability for guests riding on your motorcycle. 

What other coverage is required in Oregon?

PIP helps pay for your medical bills due to an accident. After an accident, PIP may also help cover essential services, lost income and insurance deductibles.

Oregon does have a state minimum for PIP coverage, so please talk to Joan for a more detailed discussion of how PIP works and minimum coverage amounts.

Uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage pays for bodily injury and property damage you suffer in a motorcycle accident where another person who does not have enough coverage (or uninsured completely) is at fault. Hit-and-run accidents can also be covered.

The amount of coverage in these cases in set at the time you purchase your policy. Oregon has a state minimum, so please talk to Joan to make sure you’re properly covered.


Regardless of who is at fault in an accident, collision coverage pays for damages and repairs to your motorcycle as well as any safety equipment such as your helmet. Collision coverage and deductible amounts vary depending on your policy.

You are usually required by law to carry collision coverage if you are
buying or leasing a motorcycle
. If you fully own your bike, collision coverage is optional.


Also known as “other than collision“, comprehensive coverage pays for damage to your motorcycle if damage is caused by something other than a collision.

For example:

Your lender may require you to have comprehensive insurance if you are buying or leasing. Whereas, if you own your motorcycle outright, comprehensive coverage is optional. 

Do you have the money to pay for your bike if it is stolen? Or to pay for repairs if it is damaged due to vandalism or weather? If not, comprehensive coverage is a great way to have peace of mind to help you cover costs in these unfortunate situations not under your control. This includes coverage for when your motorcycle or ATV is in storage. 


Depending on your situation, you may want to consider adding on features and additions to your policy. 

If you don’t ride your motorcycle or recreational ride year-round, some companies allow you to put your policy or insurance on hold during off-season months, like winter. 

With this coverage, items such as your backpack with personal property such as your cell phone and other possessions would be covered if they’re lost, damaged or stolen.

Many insurance companies offer roadside assistance for an additional premium. These provide services like towing, tire repair or helping with electrical breakdown.

Also know as mechanical breakdown insurance, this is treated like an extended warranty for an additional premium. It will help pay for certain covered repairs such as fixing its engine or transmission. 

The above information is for informational purposes only. Please contact Mt. Hood Insurance Agency to understand what is included and covered in your specific policy. Make an appointment with us to find the right coverage for you. 


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