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Whether your farm is just your way of life and hobby or provides your family with your main source of income, Joan at Mt. Hood Insurance Agency will work with you to understand you and your farm’s unique needs and coverage. Joan will make sure that your policy is tailored to your specific type of farm and the purpose it serves. Make sure that you have the right policy in place to protect your livelihood. 


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Farm insurance combines various forms of coverage to protect various elements of your farm. Depending on your specific needs and type of farm, Joan will work with you on a comprehensive policy. 

Standard coverage often includes: 

Covers injuries to others or their personal property while on your farm.

This covers your home and connected structures.

This extends coverage to other structures and buildings on your farm such as barns, poultry houses, steel buildings, etc.

This is coverage to protect the possessions inside your house such as furniture and electronics as well property related to your farm such as machinery, grain, and farm tools.

Coverage to protect your livestock from death by unexpected perils and accidents. 

This covers damage to your crops caused by covered disasters such as hail, droughts or flooding.


Depending on your farming needs, additional coverage may be needed to make sure that you are fully protected. 

Premium and additional coverage to consider includes: 

This covers living expenses should disaster strike making your home uninhabitable.

Farm equipment breakdown covers for loss due to electrical or mechanical breakdown for nearly any type of equipment. Coverage helps pay for the cost to repair/replace equipment and other property that may have been damaged by the breakdown. 

This premium addition to your coverage offers reimbursements for loss of farm earnings and extra expenses when your property is damaged by a covered disaster or peril.

The above information is for informational purposes only. Please contact Mt. Hood Insurance Agency to understand what is included and covered in your specific policy. Make an appointment with us to find the right coverage to properly fit your type of farm and situation. 


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