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Your home is more than just one of your biggest investments. It’s where lifelong memories are made. We want you to sleep easy at night knowing that you are fully protected. Wherever you call home, Joan will make sure you’re properly covered. 

Based on your living situation, Joan will ask the right questions to make sure everything that matters most to you and your family is insured. Feel comfortable, and at home, with your policy. 


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Standard homeowners insurance insures your dwelling, detached structures (garage, shed, fence, etc.) and your personal property (furniture, electronics, etc.) from covered perils and risks. It also covers basic liability if you are responsible for someone getting hurt on your property or if you accidentally cause damage to someone else’s belongings while they are on your property.

All personal belongings inside your home such as furniture, electronics and even bicycles can be covered in your homeowners policy. This also includes damage or theft to these items that occurs outside of your home. There are limits as to how much your policy will cover, so high-value items such as jewelry will need to insured under an optional add-on known as scheduled personal property coverage.

Most standard homeowners insurance policies will cover perils or risks such as fire, windstorms, lightning, hail, falling objects and vandalism. However, some natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes are typically not covered, so you will need to add supplemental coverage. Let Joan work with you to make sure you are fully and properly protected.
If you are away from your home for an extended period of time, standard homeowners insurance won’t cover damages that occur while you’re away. This time period depends on your policy (typically 30 days). You might want to consider vacant or unoccupied home coverage if you aren’t home for extended periods of time due to frequent traveling, construction or renovations, undergoing medical treatment at an outpatient center, or for other reasons.


Condo insurance is similar to homeowners insurance but you will not need coverage that extends to the exterior of the building, the outside land and common areas. These are typically covered under your HOA. Basic liability is also included but you will only be responsible for injuries or damage to someone else’s belongings while they are inside of your property.

Coverage needed will depend on your HOA, so let Joan work with you to understand your level of protection.


Due to differences in construction and vulnerability to different risks, a standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover mobile or manufactured homes, so you will need a separate policy specific to mobile homes. Like homeowners insurance, a standard policy includes protection for your dwelling and detached structures, personal property and covers basic liability.


Renters insurance is specifically designed for people who are renting houses, apartments or mobile homes. Your landlord or property management company will insure damages to the dwelling, but will not cover damage to your personal property, so you will need a renters insurance policy to protect those.

Depending on your policy, it will also typically include liability coverage to pay for property damage or injuries to others if you are at fault.


Having insurance on your vacation or seasonal home is important. This type of insurance is similar to homeowners insurance. Some insurance companies allow you to add a second home to your current homeowners policies through an endorsement (or rider), while other companies require them to be on their own policy. 

Different factors will be considered when determining premiums: 


To insurance companies, renting or leasing out your home is considered a business activity and is not covered under standard homeowners insurance. 

The following coverage needs to be considered in these cases:

A landlord or rental dwelling policy covers physical damage to the home, liability coverage and any personal property you may leave on-site for tenant use.

Tenants need to purchase their own renters insurance to cover their own personal property. 

The above information is for informational purposes only and will vary depending on your living situation. Please contact Mt. Hood Insurance Agency to understand what is included and covered in your specific policy. Make an appointment with us to find the right coverage for you. 


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